Advanced Seminar

Advanced seminars that cover different topics such as production, logistics, supply chain management, and operations research are offered to Diploma and Master studentsat the Department of Supply Chain Management and Production. The objective of the seminar is that students acquire methods to analyze current research publications.

Students are required to register for the seminars through KLIPS within the first registration period.

To complete the seminar, a written assignment has to be handed in and the work has to be presented in a block session. The participation in the constituent assembly, in the sessions about literature search at the University of Cologne, in at least two supervisor meetings (at least one before the writing has started and one before the assignment is hand in), in the block session, and in the feedback meeting with the supervisor is obligatory.

For Diploma students who are interested in participating in the seminar it is highly recommended to complete the course Production and Logistics in advance. The (alternative) study of the text book H.-O. GÜNTHER und H. TEMPELMEIER, Produktion und Logistik, Supply Chain und Operations Management, 12. Ed., Books on Demand (Norderstedt) 2016, is required.

A guideline of how to write a research assignment (Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten) is provided by the seminar and can be either received by the student assistant in the library of the seminar or downloaded as a PDF PDF document.

Occasionally absence in sessions is only possible in justified exceptions and the absence has to be approved by the supervisor in advance. Absence without permission is graded "nicht ausreichend" so that the course is not passed. If the participant is inable to complete the course the supervisor has to be informed immediately about the inability. Furthermore, the inability has to be proofed. The proof has to be provided under the rules that are applied to exams at the Faculty for Management, Economics, and Social Scienes. Only the certificates of doctors that are chosen by the examination office of the faculty are eligible to attest the inability to take an exam. The examination inability of one or a few sessions is not sufficient to prevent from the total grading if nothing can be handed in at all or the student misses many sessions.